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Product Review: Unique Designed Male Masturbator with Powerful 7 Thrusting Rotation Functions

As a user of adult products, I know how important it is to have the right product that satisfies your needs while ensuring safety and durability. After trying the Unique Designed Male Masturbator, I can confidently say it’s one of the best male sex toys on the market.

From its innovative ergonomic handle design to its 7 powerful thrusting and rotating functions, this masturbator is truly a pleasure to use. The large granule-like protrusions provide an extremely stimulating experience, making every session a memorable one.

I was also impressed by its open-ended design which offers a unique visual experience while ensuring safety and cleanliness with detachable sleeves that can be easily washed. Plus, the discreet packaging it comes in makes it perfect for those who value privacy.

Navigating through its 7-mode thrusting and rotating function is incredibly easy thanks to the one-button control. This feature eliminates any confusion or hassle, allowing you to focus on what matters most – pleasure!

Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised by its USB rechargeable design which allows for a quick and efficient charge that lasts long enough for continuous operation. It’s not only practical but also saves time.

In conclusion, the Unique Designed Male Masturbator is an exceptional product that delivers on all fronts: safety, durability, pleasure, and ease of use. If you’re looking to enhance your intimate experiences while ensuring quality and reliability, this male sex toy should be at the top of your list.
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Customer reviews


The handles make the device easy use. It fits comfortably and the rotating feature is amazing. We love that it’s also easy to clean and the packaging is discreet. We highly recommend this product.

Penis Polisher

I seen some mixed reviews about this automatic male masterbater. Honestly when I first saw it… I thought it was a penis cleaner 🫧 It has handles. It looks like something a man would use after taking home some random from the bar after a few drinks or after a dirty night 😂 My husband and I joked about it. I handed it to him and told him “Babe, I ordered you a penis polisher”.I seen a review saying a man claimed the material felt like teeth? That was not our experience at all. He used lube and it was perfect. I gave it to him and walked away to make a snack and I came back and he said “well, I’m done. My penis is sparkling ✨”. It didn’t take much time at all to finish the job. This is a USB charged toy with seven rotation modes and easy clean up. I would absolutely recommend this!! Five stars!!

Really enjoyable to use.

Feels absolutely great to use. Definitely gets the job done. Handle detaches from the device so if you don’t want that don’t let it deter you it’s definitely worth the buy and is handy with and without it. Tremendous value and you won’t be disappointed.

The concept is good!

I just used this on my boyfriend. The concept is good for lazy queens who wanna please, but the sleeve is just too big. I had to stick my fingers in the sleeve with the d*** for him to even feel anything. But it’s easy to hold and he alr found his favorite settings once we made some adjustments.

Discreet packaging. Kinda robotic design

Not a huge fan but to each their own.The package was discreet and nice!

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