Upgraded 7V & Suction Hands-Free Male Masturbator (Black)


Hey there! Are you tired of traditional male masturbators that only provide mechanical repetition without mimicking real-life sensations? Well, I have just the product for you! Introducing our state-of-the-art Automatic Sucking Male Masturbator, featuring a powerful and automatic vacuum suction pump. This baby will give you an experience unlike any other!


Let’s dive into its amazing features. First off, we’ve got the Powerful 7 Vibration & 3 Suction Sex Toys. With its dual-motor design, this bad boy provides 7 different vibration and 3 suction modes. And let me tell you, the ONE-BUTTON Climax mode is a game-changer! It combines a strong sucking sensation with a stimulating vibration for instant multiple pleasures that’ll make you feel like you’re in cloud nine.

Next up, we have the Premium Safe & Soft TPE Material. The realistic 3D TPE particles form perfect channels and are very soft, stretchy & flexible to meet any size. It gives you the pleasure of friction to enhance the penis stimulation. Plus, the air circulation inside the male masturbator stimulating every sensory nerve on your penis – talk about a sensory overload!

And let’s not forget about the Easy to Clean & USB Rechargeable feature! This toy has a removable sleeve that can easily be separated from the bullet for hassle-free cleaning. And with its Type-C USB quick charging, 3 hours of full charge gives you continuous use for 1.5 hours – talk about convenience!

Finally, we have the Low Noise & Private Packaging feature. Our male sex toys feature a dual-motor design that powers both sucking and vibrating, benefiting from a structural design making it less noisy than traditional devices. And don’t worry about discreet packaging – we’ve got you covered!


So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your masturbation game with our Automatic Sucking Male Masturbator today! It’s an investment in pleasure that’ll be worth every penny. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us – our professional service team is always here to help you out. Enjoy the ride and happy pleasures!

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