Realistic Full-Size Silicone Sex Doll with Strong Skeleton & Rich Gel Breasts


I’ve recently come across this incredible life-sized silicone doll that has completely changed my experience in the bedroom! I couldn’t be more thrilled with it, so I just have to share what makes this product so special.

Easy to Move

One of the best things about this full-size sex toy is how easy it is to move around. Weighing 77 pounds, it’s lightweight enough for me to carry it wherever I want without any hassle. Whether you’re moving it between rooms in your house or even taking it on a trip, this doll makes it incredibly convenient and fun.

Perfect Breasts

Let me tell you about the breasts! They are absolutely perfect, containing a lot of gel that gives them an incredible softness and realism. It’s like having your very own real woman in the room with you – but better, because she won’t judge or complain!

Tear Resistant Silicone Toys

This product is made of dense TPE silicone, which makes it tear-resistant, waterproof, highly elastic, smooth, delicate, and odorless. I’ve tried many toys before, but nothing compares to how soft and not stiff this one feels. You can be as bold with your actions as you want, and she’ll still come out intact.

Over 30 Adjustable Joints for Whole Body

I just love the fact that this doll has over 30 adjustable joints in its whole body! It’s like having a real woman who can mimic my every move – it feels incredible. Plus, the 304 stainless steel frame is so sturdy that you never have to worry about her losing an attractive posture.

Convenient Receiving Package

When I received this product, I was blown away by how well-packed and protected it was in its cardboard box. With FedEx shipping, the courier just leaves the package at my door, making everything so convenient. And don’t worry about anyone finding out what’s in the box – there’s no sensitive information on it, so you can keep your privacy.


All in all, this life-sized silicone doll has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I couldn’t recommend it more for those looking to enhance their intimate experiences with something unique and realistic. So go ahead, give it a try – you won’t regret it!
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Customer reviews

soft skin

Her skin is soft, her joints are flexible, and what blows me away the most is that she is so beautiful and realistic. What a great investment to get a doll made of silicone at this price.

Click here to purchase Silicone Sex Doll with Realistic Torso & Breasts; 77LB