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Why I Fell in Love with the Anal Beads Vibrator – Multi-Mode Massager for Couples

As someone who values quality and efficiency, I was instantly drawn to the Anal Beads Vibrator – Multi-Mode Massager for Couples. The sleek design paired with its powerful motor is a match made in heaven. But what really sold me was the versatility this toy offers.

First off, let’s talk about those 9 default vibration modes. Having multiple options is a game-changer because it caters to everyone’s unique preferences. Whether you prefer a light tingle or a more intense sensation, there’s a setting for every mood. And with the remote control feature, I can easily adjust the vibrations without breaking my focus.

But what really sets this product apart is the long-distance app remote control. It has revolutionized how I explore intimacy with my partner, even when we’re oceans apart. The ability to control vibration through voice, music, shaking the phone or drawing patterns has added a whole new level of excitement and spontaneity into our lives.

The adjustable anal beads are another feature that sold me on this product. As someone who is just starting to explore the world of anal play, having different sized beads that gradually increase in size makes it perfect for both beginners like myself and those with more experience. I appreciate the thoughtfulness put into making a toy that caters to all levels of users.

The deep insertion length is another noteworthy feature. The 37cm total length allows for deeper insertion, providing an unparalleled sensation. Plus, it’s fully waterproof which makes cleaning a breeze, and the body-safe soft silicone material ensures comfort during use.

Lastly, one cannot overlook the quiet operation of this product. With its noise level below 50Db, even at maximum power mode, it allows me to enjoy my pleasure without disturbing anyone else in the house or nearby spaces.

To conclude, I highly recommend the Anal Beads Vibrator – Multi-Mode Massager for Couples not only for its impressive features but also for the emotional satisfaction and connection it can foster between partners. It has truly enhanced my intimate experiences and I’m sure it will do the same for you.

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Customer reviews

A must get!!!

I got this and was surprised on how strong the motor was the balls have great variation super smooth and a definite must have for any toy box!!!!

Love this product!!

It was very easy to use and very fun. I was nervous about the size as it appears bigger than what I saw in the photos but it wasn’t. Very fun recommend to anyone wanting a product like this one!!

Works great

Functions nicely, a great add to our toys. Now we have 4 that work with the app. Can’t figure out “mode 2” but it’s OK lol

Strong motor!

This toy has really strong vibrations and is soft and easy to use!


Out of the box it looked promising. Nice and soft.Looks to be made out of good quality materialsI enjoyed the different sized beads for sure!Took points off for vibration intensity.

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