Experience the Thrills: Affordable, Realistic Adult Toy for Men


Hey there! If you’re looking for a unique and satisfying way to spice up your solo playtime, I’d like to introduce you to the Tantaly Entry-Level Portable Male Masturbator. This little gem is the perfect blend of fun, comfort, and convenience, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Product Overview

The Tantaly Entry-Level Portable Male Masturbator features a realistic, full-skin texture design that will leave you feeling like you’re indulging in a real-life experience. This isn’t just any old sex toy – it’s based on the butt of an actual mature woman, expertly molded and reduced in proportion to make it more portable and easy to use.

Design Details

One of the most notable features of this product is its unique channel design. The soft vaginal wall is inlaid with 5 elastic large beads that massage your member in sequence with every little twitch you make. Not only does this provide an incredibly pleasurable experience, but it also ensures that the toy can fit any size of penis due to the tunnel material’s elasticity.

Material Quality and Safety

Safety and quality are paramount when it comes to Tantaly, which is why they use highly elastic and soft TPE material in their products. This material is not only safe and skin-friendly, but it also provides a smooth skin-like touch that will give you an experience like no other.

Packaging and After-Sales Service

When it comes to the packaging of this product, Tantaly takes great care to ensure your privacy is protected. They use expandable polystyrene for their packaging – which offers longer storage time and better shock resistance – ensuring that your item arrives in perfect condition. Plus, if you have any questions or suggestions about the product, their after-sales service team is always ready to help.


Overall, I highly recommend the Tantaly Entry-Level Portable Male Masturbator for anyone looking to enhance their solo time with something unique and enjoyable. With its full-skin texture design, unique channel feature, high-quality material, and top-notch packaging and customer support, this product is sure to exceed your expectations.

So why not give it a try? Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
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Customer reviews

Great value and introduction to Tantaly products

After having heard about the quality of Tantaly products and browsing on the Tantaly subreddit for weeks getting more information and trying to decide which product to get, I came across Brandi which is not available for sale on their home website and hardly mentioned at all. I ended up purchasing it on sale for $20.99, which I did not mind at all as the full sized Tantaly products are in the 100s of dollars price range, as a test to get a firsthand feel for this brand’s reputation. This being a prime Two-day shipping eligible product didn’t hurt either.Coming over from fleshlight products, I was excited to see a larger box than usual when it was finally delivered. Inside the package came a magazine showing off Tantaly’s products, which is now outdated btw and does not include their newer dolls, and a drying rod which was nice because the care of these dolls is critical to extending their lifespan. When I opened up the inner foam protective box I could feel my eyes widen and say “wow”. The butt being scaled down from life-size can be a little off-putting at first but after a while you get over it as you begin to think about the new possibilities.The doll is very soft and lifelike. I was super happy with the quality and jiggle of their material and started to get why this company has earned such a good reputation. It does have a little bit of an odor and a residual oiliness feel but you are able to use cornstarch or baby powder, similar to what fleshlight uses, to prevent that if it bothers you enough. I thought wow okay if this is the quality they put into their $20 doll, I really want to see what their torsos or full-size butts are like.When I finally decided to put it to the test I made sure to wash it beforehand and generously lubed up the orifices, or “love holes”. It was a completely different level of experience than I was used to. I was pretty skeptical when I had read other reviews saying this was easily better than any fleshlight product but seeing it for myself I had to agree. Both love holes are very pleasurable with the added bonus that there’s no hard case to have to worry about. The softness, mass of material you can push into, and added weight even at just 5lbs was so immersive compared to my previous experiences with fleshlight.I do have to say that cleanup is a bit of a pain since there is no removable sleeve but the doll is small enough that you can fit it under a running faucet in a sink and it’s worth the extra effort. You do have to be careful with the material because it does pick up stains from any grime so just make sure you have a clean working surface. Any mild hand soap should work fine for cleaning. You also have to make sure you get all the way back into the love holes because they are pretty deep and you don’t want anything hanging around in there that can cause mold. For drying, the rod that was included is very useful. I recommend getting another pack of them so you have a second for the other love hole and then can swap them out as they absorb everything they’re able to. You will still likely have residual moisture at the very back of the tunnel so use a dry rod and push from the upper torso to try and get everything you can because it takes a long time for the tunnel to dry out by itself.All in all, a great purchase. It did convince me to buy their new Daisy which is a whole different beast. If there was a whole line of these similarly priced at $20 a pop with different love hole textures I’d never buy fleshlight again.


Best bang for the buck. The Tantaly Pleasure Doll, available on Amazon, offers a stimulating and immersive experience for those seeking intimacy and companionship. Crafted with high-quality materials, this doll boasts realistic features and lifelike textures that enhance the tactile experience. With its discreet packaging and somewhat easy maintenance, the Tantaly Pleasure Doll provides a hassle-free and discreet way to explore sensual desires and indulge in intimate fantasies.Users have praised the Tantaly Pleasure Doll for its attention to detail and durability, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking long-term satisfaction. Its realistic appearance and lifelike feel contribute to a truly immersive experience, allowing users to enjoy intimate encounters without judgment or complication. While some may find the initial investment daunting, the quality and versatility of the Tantaly Pleasure Doll make it a standout choice for those seeking a reliable and fulfilling companion for their intimate adventures.

Very high quality toy, extremely life-like

I’ve have full-sized dolls, but they are such a hassle to move, setup, clean, store, etc. This toy hits a middle-of-the-road sweet spot for me. Not as engaging as a full sized doll, but oh-so-much easier to deal with! You can clean it in your sink, instead of dragging a full-size doll into your shower. You can store it anywhere without fear of it being found. Highly recommended! I would recommend a water based lubricant, and pre-warming the toy by the method of your choice. I’ve used the USB electric warmers, but I’ve found with a toy this size you can use hot water in the sink to prewarm the cavities, then with a water-based lube, you’re good to go!

Two deep holes for full penetration

This Tantaly sex doll comes with a surprisingly thick plastic-wrapped magazine catalog of similar Tantaly sex dolls in male, female, and intersex shapes. I found them quite attractive. Also included is a brief, fold-out “Service, Maintenance Guide and Product Description” booklet. The sex doll itself, which is a simulacrum of a woman’s lower torso, is packaged between two large pieces of Styrofoam and covered in several layers of plastic wrap.The doll is not quite life-sized, but almost, and it has quite a bit of heft to it. Its TPE composition may have something to do with it, but I’m not entirely sure. Its labia are a little longer, pinker, and more asymmetrical than those of other sex dolls I’ve owned. At first, I didn’t like that, but it has quickly grown on me. And the area surrounding the vulva is darker than other sex dolls I’ve owned as if indicative of pubic hair follicles, which I did like, even from the get-go.Even before opening the plastic, I could smell traces of corn starch powder or something akin to it emanating from the sex doll, which is done to help preserve such items against degradation after they’ve been used and washed. The pamphlet itself says to apply medical talcum or baby powder to ensure the product stays smooth, dry, and tender. The product, however, does not come packaged with any packets of such powder.The pamphlet is generic; a catch-all for a number of Tantaly adult products, with no specific instructions for this particular one. The pamphlet describes a number of accessories it recommends to clean, dry, and lubricate the sex doll, but it does not come with such items, except what appears to be a wrapped white drying stick found at the top of the Styrofoam packaging. Fortunately, I own several similar items to some of the ones not included therein, so I should be able to clean and lubricate it myself, though there are a few functions I’ll have to figure out how to manage without them.Your phallus needs to be fully erect and properly lubricated in order to insert it into one of the doll’s orifices. But its insides are deep, wide, and tight, which makes for an enjoyable experience. They also contain a bumpy internal texture, I supposed designed to further stimulate the phallus and simulate the inside of a real vagina. Its anus is also designed to be penetrated under similar circumstances.When I finished using the doll for the first time, I cleaned the used orifice with soapy water using a silicone enema douche and a running bath faucet. I then inserted the drying stick deep into the orifice, which wasn’t easy because of all the friction I felt. I then dried the sex doll with a bath towel before finally putting it back into the box it came in where it will hopefully finish drying before the next time I use it. I took out the drying stick a few times since then, and it did indeed have a bit of moisture from the doll on it, which I wiped up. I stuck a finger down there and found a spot deep in the back of its insides where there was still some moisture it couldn’t soak up, but it wasn’t too large an amount.All in all, despite its imperfections, I give this product five stars.

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