Adult Toys: Powerful Vibrations & Discreet Design

As a woman who values both discretion and pleasure in my personal life, the Top Secret & Sleek Pen Vibrator has been nothing short of a revelation. This product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers an array of features that cater to my individual needs.

I was initially drawn to this vibrator due to its elegant design – it looks more like an eyelash pen than a sex toy! The highlighted polygon shell with a cap provides me with the privacy I need while using it. It’s so discreet that I even carry it in my purse without anyone suspecting anything!

The 10 vibration modes and the slow-to-wild, soft-to-fast range of speeds offer me exactly what I crave at any given moment. What’s more, the upgraded silent motor ensures that I can indulge in my pleasure without disturbing anyone else around me.

One of the best features has to be the three replacement headers included with this product. These allow for double stimulation – I can stimulate both my nipples and clitoris simultaneously! The versatility provided by these attachments has elevated my sexual experiences to new heights.

Cleaning and maintaining the Top Secret & Sleek Pen Vibrator is a breeze thanks to its splashproof design. A quick rinse under running water does the job perfectly. Plus, it’s made from body-safe silicone that feels soft and silky to the touch – providing me with both safety and comfort.

This vibrator also boasts of being USB rechargeable via charger head, PC, or power bank using the included cable. Its compact size allows me to carry it anywhere conveniently. No more worrying about battery life when I’m on-the-go!

I feel confident in my purchase because the manufacturer is a professional sex toy manufacturer who’s always committed to providing consumers with better products and services. In case of any product-related problems, they offer prompt assistance.

Overall, the Top Secret & Sleek Pen Vibrator for Women has become an essential part of my self-care routine. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a discreet yet versatile vibrator that delivers on pleasure and comfort!
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Customer reviews

Great device!

I loved the power for something so small and the sound is so quiet! Multiple head options are great as well. Also very discrete. It looks like a travel electric toothbrush.

Really great price for what you get

My partner and I ordered this to replace a similar model from another company after the head kinda snapped off. She really likes this variety though, it’s great for personal use and when someone else is involved.Funnily enough though, the main thing she uses it for and the main reason she wanted another like this is that she has pretty awful sinuses, and uses it on her face to try to loosen things and trigger sneezes. For some reason, she declined to do a video review, but she swears it works great for that and is very happy with it.This is definitely an improvement over her last one. It holds a charge longer and has a more reliable charging method. It has a nice variety of settings, and a tip of the hat to the design featuring a case; it keeps it both cleaner and more discreet, looking like an electric toothbrush. And it’s a good price. Highly recommend.

Powerful, Long Battery Life, Discreet, Great Value

She likes it a lot. It does look like a make-up thingy of some sort, slightly bigger than the avg make-up thingy, but it will pass…. So it’s pretty discreet. 3 different soft rubber tips…. Plenty of power, lasts… Long enough and then some. Would buy again.


First 10 minutes and i am a happy woman. quiet -very quiet, Light in weight, can use along with other toys, will not get in the way. Each of the tips give a totally different feeling, but , Every one is wonderful. This is a must have.


I absolutely love this! It’s powerful and and quiet, something that other powerful toys lack! Highly recommend for people who want a quiet, portable, discreet, and powerful toy! And the discounts every now and then only make this more worth the money!

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