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My Experience with the Isskis Sex Doll

Introducing the Isskis Sex Doll

I recently came across the Isskis sex doll, and I couldn’t believe how perfect it was for my needs! This petite, attractive doll is designed at a size of 8.3 x 4.7 x 11.8 inches. It features ample breasts, a slim waist, and sensual hips – all providing an incredibly realistic experience. Not only does the skin have lifelike details, but it also offers intense stroking pleasure.

The Perfect Companion for Any Position

I was amazed by how versatile this sex doll is! No matter what position I preferred, it always provided me with the most comfortable experience. Its innovative design and proportions make it incredibly convenient to use in any way you desire.

An Array of Vibration Modes

Another fantastic feature of this Isskis sex doll is its 10 vibration modes. This newly designed, ergonomic model allows me to free my hands and fully enjoy the passionate excitement brought by the vibrating sex doll. The vibrations wrap your entire penis, providing an incredibly realistic experience. With two channels offering different frequencies, you can truly explore a variety of experiences.

Great Feel & Texture

The Isskis sex doll is made from high-quality soft TPE material, which offers a great feel and texture that’s easy to grip and control. This elastic material can be adapted to different sizes, ensuring deeper penetration satisfaction. I highly recommend using your favorite lubricant with this toy – it helps reduce friction and discomfort while maximizing pleasure.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Since this sex doll uses magnetic charging, it is completely waterproof! You can easily clean the channel by filling it directly with water and then shaking or squeezing the doll to rinse it thoroughly. I find it convenient to use a soft fabric to wipe the doll’s surface clean, and storing the doll in a cool place keeps it safe and hygienic.

Discreet Packaging & Portability

The Isskis sex doll is discreetly packaged for your convenience. Its compact size makes it perfect for singles or couples who wish to keep their adult toys private. The built-in skeleton provides an upright, realistic, and sexy experience. This travel-sized pocket pussy is a great companion whether you’re at home or on the go.


In conclusion, my experience with the Isskis Sex Doll has been nothing short of amazing! Its design, materials, performance, and ease of maintenance make it an ideal choice for those seeking an intimate companion. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable, versatile, and discreet sex toy that provides an unforgettable experience.
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Customer reviews

Feels Very Realistic!!

Wasn’t really sure what to expect from this toy. First time purchasing a device of this nature.Turned out exceed all my expectations.1. I love the weight of the item . Feels substantial and well made2. Skin is very soft and life like. Literally you won’t miss the real thing too much3. The openings are well sized.. Didn’t bottom out and didn’t feel like I was swimming in the ocean either.4. Vibration is a great addition. Enhances the experience.5. The box it ships in is substantial, discrete and can be used as a storage box when the item is not in play.6. Easy to clean7. Battery life. . Don’t know .. never made it long enough to see it die…. so I’ll just say its enoughHighly recommend the product and seller. Grab one!

Best reduced scale doll out there.

Skin is supple and lifelike. The vibration function is adjustable and can be felt throughout the body. Easy to clean and holds a charge for a long time. Excellent value and highly recommended; my favorite toy to date.

Such incredible tightness

Incredible tightness Both front and back great quality and Feels very realistic.Doesn’t weigh as much as I thought it would and the vibrations are great.

Definitely a Favorite!

This has to be one of my favorite toys I’ve gotten from Amazon! It brings hours and hours of joy and satisfaction and I would venture to say it far exceeded my expectations. It looks and also feels so soft and realistic, and the vibrating options just enhance the experience. Definitely 10/10 recommend!

Pleasantly surprised, perfectly satisfied

This was an investment I’m glad to have made. I was not expecting the amount of quality for the price range of this product, and look forward to seeing how well it maintains that in the future. Obviously the product itself is not a life size replica, but the two available orifices are sized properly as compared to most other adult toys of the pocket variant. What really sets this model aside from others is the vibration option. That is a game changer, trust me. The flesh is about as realistic as it’s gonna get with the material used, which seems standard, decent texture and soft/firm ratio was good. The weight is nice, about like gallon of water and it’s about as long as my forearm, elbow to wrist. The two squeezing upper parts are about the size of a healthy plum, or a medium sized lemon. Came with a small sample of a really good lubricant that’s lasted a handful of uses so far with quality results each usage. The only dislike I have is the color choice, but availability tied my hands for me, and I have no regerts at all. I hope this review helps somebody, I have read a lot over the years while window shopping and comparing the thousands of similar things available here within the mighty Amazon rivers of virtual vendors shipping stuff all around the world and coming to my doorstep, and I always enjoy the genuine buyer’s first hand experience thoughts on the potential spending of my money, it often helps me to decide.

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